Liara supports resource nodes which get processed before getting placed into the output. Site-wide resources can be specified in the configuration. Per-template resources can be specified in the template configuration. There are two kind of resource nodes:

  • Explicit: In this case, the input file will not get published to the output. For example, .sass files should not be published.

  • Implicit: In this case, both the source file and the generated resource node is published. For example, for images, the original image is published along thumbnails.

The resource folder should only contain explicit resources.

Currently, Liara supports the following resource types:

  • SASS files

  • Image thumbnails for various image formats.


Image thumbnails are implicit resource nodes. There’s no need to place images into the resource folder to get thumbnails generated.


SASS files (ending in .scss) can be processed using either the sass command line binary or the (deprecated) libsass library. The compiler can be selected in the configuration.